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FOCS UK is a unique elite residential, commercial cleaning and domestic personnel services company, which is the very first-of-it’s-kind: A premier housecleaning services company combined with a domestic personnel placement services division offering all types of services from A-Z and all located under ONE roof!

At FOCS, we understand home cleaning services and how important the cleanliness of your home is to you. We also understand that the safety of your family comes first.

Company History 

Felix Ozoh cleaning services has a professional house cleaning service never misses a detail. Our residential housekeepers thoroughly clean every room of your home and offices based on your customized cleaning plan.

Our Philosophy

At FOCS UK, we understand home cleaning services and how important the cleanliness of your home is to you. We also understand that the safety of your family comes first. Keeping your home neat is going to keep it safe from bacteria.


Young woman cleaning at home, she has a cleaning day and using a duster or dust cloth

A messy home can add to what might already be a stressful day, so why give yourself more work when you get home? We want to remove this added stress from your day by providing you with top-rate London apartment cleaning services.

We’ve been cleaning UK for years and take pride in our experience as one of the leading cleaning services in London. As is the case with our commercial cleaning services, we can offer the same eco-friendly, green apartment cleaning services. This means if you wish, we will only use eco-friendly cleaning products when cleaning your apartment.

Whether you need basic or deep cleaning done, and no matter when you need it done, FOCS can meet and exceed your needs.

Service One

Green cleaning with products made from environmentally friendly ingredients designed to preserve health and environmental quality.

Service Two

Sparkling clean windows make a huge difference, but they are one of the most difficult jobs for the average homeowner to accomplish.

Service Three

It happens all the time. You install new carpet or buy a home and fall in love with the floors. Then, over time, they start to look dingy.

Service Four

There are countless benefits to having a clean refrigerator. Not only will it look (and smell) much nicer.

We understand each of our customers needs before establishing a custom cleaning program. Our janitorial training program, supervision and hands-on management team place customer care-abouts first.

Our employees are given the best tools possible to help them provide the best janitorial services for your needs.

  • Dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping of floors and surfaces
  • Restroom cleaning and disinfecting
  • Provide restroom supplies
  • Window washing and blind cleaning
  • Elevator cleaning
  • Escalator cleaning

Service One

We provide vacuuming, floor burnishing, desk sanitizing, thorough dusting, trash removal with recycling, bathroom cleaning.

Service Three

Whether it’s an emergency spill cleanup or scheduled maintenance cleaning, FOCS is ready to clean it up..

Service Two

Garages harbor vehicle toxins, odors, grease stains, chemicals and unwanted clutter. If it’s time to clean and organize your garage.

Service Four

Regular mopping and spot cleaning don’t reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines.

Our company has been specializing in new, final, and post construction clean up services for a broad range of commercial and residential clients.

We have a construction cleaning division that is fully supported by a dedicated team of professionals in sales, operations, estimating, safety, and customer service. Our experienced and trained construction cleaning personnel have the expertise and skills to handle all work scopes. No job is too big or too small!


We offer a variety of detailing services for your vehicle. We pride ourselves on our quality service and customer satisfaction. We are able to handle any automotive detailing needs that may arise for your vehicle.


About FOCS

Felix Ozoh cleaning services has a professional house cleaning service never misses a detail. Our residential housekeepers thoroughly clean every room of your home and offices based on your customized cleaning plan.